Archive: August, 2023

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency: DOD’s Radiological Detection System
August 31, 2023
Three service members stand in white suites with radiation detection gear

DOD-Supported Lifesaving Autoinjector to Combat Ultra-Potent Opioid Exposure Available through DLA
August 23, 2023
A service member practices administering the high-dose naloxone autoinjector (NAI) as a rescue treatment to counter opioid poisoning.

DOD Unveils Collaborative Biodefense Reforms in Posture Review
August 17, 2023
American flags against a blue sky background

Year of the Integrated Product Team Kicks Off for JPM CBRN Medical
August 15, 2023
A military leader is dressed in fatigues as he addresses an audience at a podium. Presentation slides are projected over his head and he is flanked with flags to his right.

1st Armored Division participates in Talisman Sabre Wearables Experiment
August 15, 2023
A case holds wearables technology in the foreground, in the background a computer screen shows the data visualization for the wearables equipment outputs on a map of the Australian continent.

JPEO-CBRND Embraces the Need for Speed in Biodefense: How JPEO is Shaping its Biological Defense and Medical Strategies
August 11, 2023
Army Medic in a medical gown administers a COVID test to a service member sitting in a chair in Italy.

Botulism Survivor Story Showcases the Real-World Importance of Medical Countermeasures
August 9, 2023
green microbes of the botulism toxin

Collaboration Leads to Capability: Enhanced Maritime Biological Detection System Increases Navy's Defense Against Biological Threats
August 4, 2023
DOD Leaders stand on a ship deck on a sunny day.


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