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NEWS | July 5, 2023

Air Force fields Joint Service Aircrew Mask for Strategic Aircraft

By Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Agile Combat Support Directorate

The Air Force Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense Systems Branch – part of the Agile Combat Support Directorate – fielded the Joint Service Aircrew Mask for Strategic Aircraft (JSAM SA), to the 445th Airlift Wing at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base on June 5.
The new mask provides ocular and respiratory CBRN protection for aircrew on all non-ejection seat fixed-wing aircraft and will replace the MBU-19P Aircrew Eye and Respiratory Protection equipment.
As a part of the fielding process, the Joint Expeditionary Fielding and Surveillance team and members of the Air Force CBRN Defense Systems Branch provided in-depth instruction known as New Equipment Training (NET), part of the Total Package Fielding (TPF) approach. 
They delivered the NET instruction in a “train the trainer” style in which Aircrew Flight Equipment (AFE) technicians receive the training and then deliver the operational training to aircrew members. This model of training is unique as it provides real-time hands-on training from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) rather than the legacy method of delivering the systems with a copy of the Technical Order and leaving it up to the AFE technicians to train themselves on the equipment fundamentals, inspection, maintenance, and implementation. 
By delivering the system using the TPF and NET strategy, technicians are now able to build up core competencies and proficiency on the new equipment items, making the fielding an easier process.

“Regardless of the system in question, TPF and NET provides all of the equipment, any and all tools required to use and maintain the new system or asset, and a team to train multiple technicians at once,” said Bryan McCoy, JSAM SA fielding coordinator with the Air Force CBRN Defense Systems Branch.” 
“The feedback for this training style has been overwhelmingly positive,” added Master Sgt. Benjamin Leis, the AFE SME for the Air Force CBRN Defense Systems Branch. “The training and how it’s delivered postures our warfighters for success throughout the lifetime of the system.”
In attendance at the fielding event was Col. Carlos A. Quinones, Deputy Program Executive Officer for the Agile Combat Support Directorate, as well as David McCain, Senior Materiel Leader for the Human Systems Division. 
Lt. Col. Thomas “Flash” Adams led the fielding team as the new Air Force CBRN Defense Systems Branch Materiel Leader and showcased the M69 system, its history, and the work the Branch performed in support of the mask.  
Attendees discussed the cooperation amongst other Air Force Life Cycle Management Center organizations such as the aircraft System Program Offices, test agencies, and various stakeholders.
“The cooperation between all members of the community has been great throughout the program and it’s no surprise that the program continues to succeed and set a new standard with system deployment,” said 1st Lt. Gunnar Kral, lead engineer for Joint Aircrew CBRN Protection, within the Air Force CBRN Defense Systems Branch. “Currently, 20,273 masks have been fielded and the program is projected to complete Air Force fielding ahead of schedule.”
The program continues securing additional airworthiness clearances and fielding the system to the aviation community. 
“Our team will continue to support the fielding of this system by working with aircraft SPOs to ensure that the M69 receives airworthiness clearance on other aircraft and to solve any integration challenges that arise,” said 2nd Lt. Michael Rossi, a Joint Aircrew CBRN Protection Engineer with the Air Force CBRN Defense Systems Branch. “The program is scheduled to reach Full Operation Capability in 2024.”


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